Thank you for your interest in joining one of our advisory or standing committees. Our volunteer advisory committees are a collection of individuals who bring unique knowledge and skills to help guide the formal Board of Directors. Although Advisory Committees do not have formal authority of Grand Rapids Pride Center, they serve to make recommendations and/or provide key information and materials to the board of directors. Advisory Committees play an important role in providing fresh perspectives on issues, suggesting innovative ways to empower and serve our entire LGBTQ community. Each committee is co-chaired by a board member and community member. New members are voted in by current members.


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Legal Name
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Preferred Name
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I hereby authorize Grand Rapids Pride Center (GRPC) bearing a copy of this release, at anytime during my participation as a volunteer to run a background check. I understand that at a minimum the GRPC will run the background check once a year. GRPC may obtain any information pertaining to my criminal history from local, state or federal agencies as necessary to ensure the safety of GRPC, it's staff or others in the community, This release is executed with the full knowledge and understanding that the information is for the official use of GRPC. Consent is granted for GRPC to furnish such information, as directed above to third parties in the course of fulfilling its official responsibilities. I hereby release GRPC and any agencies needed to obtain this information from and and ll liability for damages of whatever kind, which may at the time result to me, my heirs, family or associates because of my compliance with this authorization and request to release information, or any attempt to comply with it.