So What Can I Do?

Look, you get it. Tobacco kills people. LGBT people. And you're not going to be one of them. Or let the people you love be one of them. So here's your boot camp.

Know What Tobacco Does

Tobacco affects all kinds of parts of your body. Yes, it might kill you by destroying your lungs. Did you know it could kill you by... destroying your throat? Your kidneys? Your colon? Your cervix? Yeah, tobacco companies are trying to get into more parts of your body than the Tea Party*.

*Low blow, sorry.

*Low blow, sorry.

Know That Quitting Helps

So you might be thinking (or someone you love might say), the damage is done. Not true. As soon as 20 minutes after you quit (Twenty minutes! That's like half an episode of Orange is the New Black) your body is healing. It doesn't stop there. Keep quit, and your body keeps on healing. Take a look:

Know That You're Not Alone

We're here. And we're not going anywhere. We want to see an LGBT community that is proud, free, healthy, and well. But that's not all. There's more help out there. A lot of it is free. So check out these three kinds of tools you can use to get quit!

Michigan Quit Line

Help is a phone call away. These guys are serious. This isn't some script or like when you call your bank and you have to tell the robot voice why you're calling. Phone counseling? Check. Help you get on the patch or another nicotine replacement? Check. Medical Director on staff? Check.



They're open from 7AM all the way to 1 AM. That's better than the Apartment Lounge*.

And, you should know that leaders in the Michigan and national LGBT community have quietly, behind the scenes, been working with the Quit Line. They know us. They're Family (the kind you choose, not the kind you're born with). You can trust them.

If you're shy (or impatient), you can sign in online, and like Cheers, everybody'll know your name, when you call.

& OMG, u can txt us 2! 

So make the Quit Line your BFF (and make smoking so ten years ago!)

* We still love you, Apartment Lounge!

There's An App For That

News flash, your iPhone (or Android) isn't just for Grindr anymore*. These apps can help you quit. And, like the quit line, they're free.

QuitNow! OniTunes / Android

My Quit Buddy oniTunes / Android

* Or OKCupid, we won't judge.

Online Quitting

It's all about community, right? We've all done something stupid because our friends dragged us into it. Now, online communities are here to help you do something smart, for a change.

Here's just a sample of the communities out there:

Ex (a new way to think about quitting smoking)

Positively Smoke Free Me (supporting all our HIV+ peeps) 

Smoke Free Women (in case it's the eighties, and you're down with the ladies)

ASPIRE by M. D. Anderson (smoking kills LGBT youth, too)

U Can Quit 2 (supporting our men and women in uniform)

There are groups on Facebook, people are quitting on Twitter, we bet there's even someone quitting on MySpace. So go Like some of these, and welcome to the revolution!

Next, Join The Revolution

One last step. So you quit. So you got your partner to quit. We need help to continue spreading the word about LGBT people wrecking the system and beating tobacco. Use this form to tell us your story, and help us get the whole Family off tobacco. For good.