Are You An Ace Ally?

Are you an Ace Ally?

Take the Quiz and Find Out!


1:  Asexuality is:

A)                 A common trauma reaction

B)                  Uh, something to do with bees…?

C)                  An orientation

D)                 A Myth

E)                  An illness            


2:  A good friend has just told you that they’re Asexual.  What is the appropriate response?

A)     “I’m sorry.”

B)      “But you’re so social!”

C)      “Oh, when were you diagnosed?”

D)     “Okay.  Want to go see Star Wars?”

E)      “Wow, I didn’t think you were the type.”

3:  You’ve been seeing someone you like for a few weeks, when after watching a movie together, they tell you that they identify as Gray-Ace, or Grace.  What’s the appropriate response? Circle all that apply.

A)     “Me too!” (truth)

B)      “Me too!” (lie)

C)      “I don’t know much about that, can you tell me what that means?”

D)     “Oh, that’s cool.  I don’t think we’d be compatible, though.”

E)      “I’m sure I can fix that.”

F)      “I’m not Ace, but I’m willing to talk about what that would mean for us if we keep seeing each other.  Cake?”


4: What was the first (Western) research into Asexuality?

A)     Freud’s paper on “Non-Sexuality”

B)      Magnus Hirschfeld’s description of “Anesthesia Sexualis”

C)      Kinsey’s inclusion of an X on his 0-6 scale

D)      That special that Dr. Phil did that one time….I think?


5: What do you think of the previous question?

A)     That’s totally unfair! I can be an ally without knowing trivia.

B)      If you don’t know everything about Asexuality and its history, you get your Ally card taken away.

C)      I was smart enough to look at this question first and see the answer to question 4 is B.

D)     This is too meta for me.


6: A friend confides in you that they only feel physical attraction to people that they know well and trust.  How would you categorize their identity?

A)     Straight-up Ace.

B)      Gray-Asexual

C)      Demisexual

D)     While that sounds closest to Demisexuality, their identity is something that only they can tell me.


7: Do you feel uncomfortable around people who identify as Asexual?  (Be honest).

A)     No, why would I?

B)      Yeah….I mean, it’s weird, right?

C)      I’m just mad at being friend-zoned like that.

D)     I don’t really understand it, and sometimes that makes me feel awkward, but I try to learn what I can about it and support my friends as best I can.


8:  Chris and Adrian are a long-term couple.  Chris is Ace and Adrian is not.  What does this mean?

A)     It means Adrian must be seeing other people.

B)      It means Chris is constantly pressured into having sex with Adrian.

C)      It means they fight all the time.

D)     It means they’ve found a way to be happy despite their differences.

E)      Why are you asking me instead of them?


Pencils down!  Tally up your score and see how you did.  Award one point for each correct answer.


1:  Answer C

2: Answer D

3: Answer A,C,D, or F 

4: B

5: C

6: D

7: A or D

8: E

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8 points:  Yay!  You’re a good ally, or making headway there.  Good job!

4-7 points: You’re off to a good start, but you’ve still got a ways to go.  Keep trying, you’ll get there.

1-4 points:  You need to work on it.

0 Points:  Um, yeah….No.




Jaime Wise grew up in the frozen wastes of Northern Michigan before escaping to Grand Rapids and deciding to stay.  By day she works and volunteers in the non-profit community; by night she writes fiction & non-fiction instead of sleeping.  She knits by noon.

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