Okay, last step. We need your LGBTQ Quit Story. So tell it to us, with the form below, and let us use you as an inspiration. Together, we can wreck the system, stop tobacco from killing our LGBTQ community, and send the message that LGBTQ lives... are precious.

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We are collecting your stories to share them with the community and fight to help end LGBT lives lost to tobacco. By clicking the checkbox below and submitting your story, you understand that we may or may not be able to use your story online, in social media, in print, or at live presentations/talks/lectures. Please do not include any personal information that should not be shared publicly (and do not include the real names of people who would not want to be named in public). We reserve the right to abbreviate, shorten, condense, or edit your story for the purpose of size / length and appropriateness. We will not routinely respond to your story submissions, but we will do our best to read each and every one of them. Because you matter.