Sponsorship Choice

Download and Sign the GRPC Sponsorship Agreement

I agree to download, sign and return Grand Rapids Pride Center's Sponsorship Agreement along with my payment for chosen sponsorship. Payment and sponsorship agreement must be submitted before sponsorship is finalized. Download the agreement here. 

Net 15

Sponsorship invoices will be sent to the email provided in this form. Payment should be submitted within 15 days of receipt of invoice. Checks should be made out to "Grand Rapids Pride Center." Payment and sponsorship agreement must be submitted before sponsorship is finalized. 

Consent to use Corporate Name and Logo

In order to publicize the company's listing with Grand Rapids Pride Center (GRPC) the company authorizes GRPC to use the company's corporate logo and name in order convey promotional material. In addition, the company's approval allows GRPC to include the company's logo and name in other communication materials relevant to their page or community sponsorship (video, audio, electronic broadcasts, print promotion, social media and advertising) to further increase awareness of Grand Rapids Pride Center. In order to ensure the accuracy of the information, the company agrees to provide GRPC with the company's current corporate logo and name. By checking this box the company indicates that the use granted is indemnified and held harmless from any third party rights and / or claims, without waiver of any legal privileges. Other than granted here, GRPC acknowledges that it has no other rights to the company's corporate logo or name.